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【考前必看】2021年6月ACCA考试防控措施 这些事项务必知晓!

来源: ACCA 2021-05-18
考试安排 机考考点信息 常见问题 考试防控措施

Precautionary Measures (Mainland China)

We want to assure you that the health and safety of our students remains our number one priority and all local government guidelines will be strictly followed to ensure your wellbeing. 

Please ensure to check the latest information from the government in case of further updates related to the city or exam centre prior to the exam.





Before your exam


Please read the following information carefully and take the necessary preparatory steps:


▪ We recommend you monitor your health from 14 days prior to your exam and record your body temperature daily in case you are required to provide the record as future reference. 

Don’t come to the exam centre if you have a body temperature higher than 37.3 degree Celsius or are displaying suspicious Covid-19 symptoms.

我们建议您从开考前 14 天起每天记录您的体温以确保当特殊情况发生时可以以此记录作为相关依据。如果您的体温超过 37.3 摄氏度或出现疑似新冠肺炎症状,请不要来考场参加考试。

▪ Obtain a valid green Health Status Code for the city you are sitting your exam in


▪ Obtain a valid Travel History Code via the State Council app on WeChat


▪ Avoid any unnecessary cross-city travel before your exam day


▪ Your recent travel history prior to your exam may affect your entry to the exam centre(s) or the city where the centre is located.

If you have cross-city travel plan recently, you must check in advance and follow relevant governmental or exam centre specific entry policies and pandemic prevention procedures (eg. any quarantine or isolation requirement, taking nucleic acid test etc). 

These requirements may change depending on how the situation evolves and can be found on State Council App on WeChat.


▪ If you are under the age of 18 years old, you will be contacted by the British Council pre-exam to be advised on their child protection policy, along with exam day safeguarding procedures.

如果您的年龄低于 18 周岁,英国文化教育协会将依据其儿童保护条例以及防护措施在考前与您联系。

Exam day


The following mandatory precautionary measures will be in place at each exam venue on the day:


▪ Exams sat at a suitable social distance from other students as per local authority directives, and all candidates should socially distance in queuing/waiting areas


▪ All candidates must wear face masks covering mouth and nose, and should bring their own to the venue. Candidates will be required to remove masks during registration, ID checks and after any toilet breaks, and should also expect these to be inspected by invigilators to prevent malpractice.


▪ All venues will carry out temperature checking on exam day.


▪ All candidates will be required to complete self-declaration forms on exam day to declare they are eligible for attending the exam, which will include providing their contact details.


▪ All venues will be thoroughly cleaned prior to the exam session.


▪ Upon exam completion, candidates must take away all stationery and belongings (except for scrap paper, notes or working sheets).


Some of the following measures may also be in place at the venue:


▪ Other personal protective equipment (such as gloves, goggles etc) should be allowed into testing area after being checked and confirmed with no sign of possible cheating. 

The personal protective equipment will only be allowed into testing area under the circumstance that it will not jeopardise the test security or bring inconvenience to other candidates.


▪ Some venues will provide hand-sanitiser but candidates are recommended to bring their own for personal use in case of short supply.


▪ You may find additional signage at multiple points giving direction, promoting awareness and/or outlining healthy behaviours.


Additional information


▪ Please note, students will not be permitted to sit the exam if they are showing suspicious Covid-19 symptoms (such as persistent cough or have a body temperature higher than 37.3 degree Celsius etc) or are under 14-day compulsory quarantine, stay-at-home order, medical surveillance or a selfquarantine order, as specified by the China Government.

请注意,如果考生出现疑似新冠肺炎症状(比如持续性的咳嗽或者体温超过 37.3 摄氏度)或处于14 天隔离期、强制居家隔离令期间、医学观察期将不允许参加考试。

▪ If you are not permitted to sit your exam please contact ACCA to request a withdrawal as per the standard exam withdrawal process. 

如果您不被允许参加考试,请根据退考流程联系 ACCA 进行退考安排。

▪ Any candidates diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days of taking their exam, should contact ACCA immediately who will work with the British Council to ensure appropriate action is taken according to health authority and governmental guidelines.

考生如在考前 14 天内诊断为新冠肺炎确认病例,请立即联系 ACCA。我们将与英国文化教育协会共同遵守政府指导建议,并采取相应措施。

▪ There are also specific restrictions in place for candidates at some exam centres, which vary from centre to centre. These restrictions may affect you if you are sitting your exam away from your city of residence or are travelling to/from a medium/high risk zone. Further information on such restrictions is available here. 

These centre-specific entry restrictions are subject to change at short notice before the sessionto follow necessary guidelines, so please ensure you regularly check this centre list for the latest information regarding the exam centre confirmed on your exam docket when these are released.



▪ Any non-Chinese national candidates may be subject to additional requirements and these students should contact the British Council immediately at ukexams.guangzhou@britishcouncil.org.cn prior to exam day, to ensure they meet the requirements and are eligible to take their exam.

对非中国籍考生可能会有额外的要求,请相关考生尽快通过ukexams.guangzhou@britishcouncil.org.cn 联系英国文化教育协会以确保您是否符合参加考试的要求。

▪ Candidates may wish to find out the latest government updates for the area their exam is being sat, and we encourage you to do so.


▪ Also, additional time may be required at the start of each exam to follow due procedure therefore please arrive at least 60 minutes prior to your exam time. 

此外,由于考场需要额外的入场准备,考试当天请至少提前 60 分钟到达考场。

▪ The June exam attendance dockets will be made available to candidates for download from the myACCA portal in week commencing 17 May - all candidates will be notified via email when the docket is available. 

Please print off a copy of your exam docket when it’s available and take it along to the exam together with a valid ID card/passport.

您可在 5 月 17 日以后通过 myACCA 下载 6 月考试准考证。当准考证可以下载时,所有考生将收到邮件通知,请将准考证打印出来并携带有效身份证或护照至考场

For any further enquiries please contact us here.